Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Knitting update

Hi there, I felt like talking about knitting.  So I am!  I even included pictures in case rambling posts about WIPs (works in progress) of FOs (finished objects) make your eyes glaze over and give you the urge to back away from your computer, mumbling about how maybe the Internet was a bad idea.

Yeah, pictures of WIPs and FOs will totally fix that.


Here's a sweater I made for Evelyn! 

I had a bunch of other projects going on a couple of weeks ago, and took Evelyn to Yarn Mart.  I normally don't like taking her to yarn stores because she's not allowed to touch things and then I pick up yarn and squish it and read its label and hold it up to light.  Very confusing.  But this time she was in a stroller, so I faced her away from me and checked out the clearance section.  I bought this Cascade 220 Sierra Quatro and used the pattern A Striped Shirt for a Striped Knight.  I know there's no stripes, but it's  a pattern written for this type of yarn, and it's for babies 6-12 months.  But the kid in the pattern picture looked pretty big, and Evelyn's pretty small.  I'm all for rolling up sleeves and getting some use out of next year, but what's the point of knitting cute things for my cute girl if she looks like she's swimming in stuff and it's not cute at all?

Fortunately, this is pretty cute. 

I still think we'll need to roll up the sleeves this year, though.

Up next: a sweater for me!

It's the Amiga pattern, and the yarn is some kind of cotton organic fair trade supernatural no-dye-lot earthy goodness something or another I got on sale.  I need to knit the sleeves (3/4 length) and a collar, and then I'll have a fall cardigan.  It just seems super fall-ish to me.   It'll be my first cardigan!

 This is my first attempt at the Amiga sweater.

I've got one sleeve and part of another one and everything!  But it's just not the right yarn for the pattern and I don't think I'd wear it.  I'm not going to just knit something and build a shrine for it because it's handmade and whatever.  I want to wear it!  I haven't unraveled it yet, but at least when I do I'll have 2 skeins of Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool.  Maybe I'll finally learn to make some mittens with that.

Next year's knitting goal is to learn to knit mittens.  I tried a couple of months ago and it wasn't pretty.  The part where I was supposed to repeat the whole mess a second time was just too much for me.

Sadly, this little guy is going to be unraveled.

"Nooooooooooooo!  I'm a Purl Bee pattern!  Have mercyyyyyyyy!"

I've gotten a little farther than what you see in the picture and I'm just not liking it.  It's a pretty cute pattern, and I might try it again some other time.  Like, when Evelyn's 5.  I've noticed knitting patterns for babies and kids tend to run a bit large, and that I tend to knit a bit larger than that.  You probably can't tell in the picture because of how everything's jammed on the needle, but that sweater is HUGE.  Not in a cute way.  It would probably be baggy on her even if I put it away for years.

But even if I put it away for years, I probably wouldn't like it.  I bought the yarn and started the pattern when I was having a bad day.  So every time I pick it up (even after letting it sit for the better part of the summer), I feel crappy.  And I don't want to feel crappy and I don't want crappy-feeling projects on my baby.

Superstitious?  Absolutely.

Do I care?  Absolutely not.

Beside, it's great yarn and I don't want it languishing away.  I already have another project in mind for it (using a different pattern will break the spell.  Just trust me), and I like knitting with it.  

I used a little of it for Jessi's birthday shawl:

Original yarn is on the bottom and the added yarn is up top.

I was using some alpaca I bought a while back at Yarniverse on the Wingspan pattern, which I love.  Obviously.  I got really low on reserves around the sixth triangle, so I knitted the seventh one in the sweater yarn (it's some kind of silk blend sock yarn.  I can look it up if you really super care a lot).  Then I knitted an eighth triangle all by itself and sewed it on and knit a top border.  Ta da!

I only took a picture of it while it was blocking, and not of Jessi excitedly wearing it in August. Oh well. Maybe this winter.

I'm currently working on a couple of gifts that I can't show you, and even if I could, they're not photographed.  I need to pick out patterns for a few birthday presents I need to start.  I want to knit a hat to match Evelyn's sweater because I'm pretty sure her giant brain has outgrown the ones I made for her last year.  I want to finish my cardigan before cool weather gets here.  And!  I want to make something for the state fair.  I love the state fair and this year I've been overwhelmed with the silliest desire to win a ribbon.  It hasn't happened since 2000, when I won Best of Show in the Youth Handcraft (subset: yarn work) category.  I think I've rested on my laurels long enough.

So that's what I've been working on, and now you know (a little bit of) what I've got coming up!  I'm looking forward to it! 

Mittens, however, not so much. Maybe the year after next.


Laine said...

I enjoyed these pictures! And I hope you win a ribbon! If you do, make sure someone takes a picture of you holding it up!

Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes, you are really going to town on the knitting!