Monday, September 17, 2012

Evelyn June is 18 months old!

Evelyn is a whole year and a half old?!  That's so big!

She must have gotten the cue that 18 months kicks off Official Big Girl Season, because she's been doing all kinds of things in the past month:

She had THREE sleepovers.

She got her very first haircut!

We don't nurse anymore.  Cody gave her a bottle at night time for a couple of weeks, but now he just rocks her for about 5 minutes and takes her to bed.  Magic.

She walks.  Somewhat.  There's a lot of handholding.  We walked 6 blocks the other night, her charging and hunched over and doing a bowlegged run behind her. Still.  It's amazing.

She's saying words.  There's a lot of 'uh oh' going on these days.

She screams when she's frustrated.  It's not awesome, but it's a new development and I felt it was worth mentioning.  I say "No ma'am. That's not how we act" enough times to bore myself to tears every day but at least the people around us with their hearing still intact know I'm making an effort.

She babbles when she's not frustrated.  I love to hear her talk like that and I tell her so.  Lots of weird little sounds.

She mimics certain words we say.  Or she tries to.  She knows lots of animal noises, which is a very useful skill that we are confident will serve her well in the future.  For now, we just like to hear her 'roar' quietly every time we ask her what a lion says.

I've been asking her what a lion says nearly nonstop for the past couple of days.

She still eats a lot of baby food.  It keeps her fed and happy, and too much big people food was hurting her belly and she didn't want to eat it.  So we're back to lots of pureed stuff and that's fine.

I think her favorite real food is cheese.  The mere word brings a gigantic smile to her face.

She had a weird month with the food and the pressure changes in the weather and different things, but she seems mostly okay.  The limitations of toddlerhood are getting to her.  She can't talk, doesn't walk very well, and she can't do everything she wants.  She's pretty behind in her gross motor skills and her brain is way ahead of....lots of folks.  It's a weird mix, and she might be teething again.

But she's mostly a happy girl.  She started walking and coloring this month, and that's very exciting.  And!  She celebrated her birthday by going out with Cody and Casey to Karnawal!  She walked between them, played games, and even 'helped' Casey win a cake.

Goodness, we love that girl.

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Laine said...

Such a big girl. I can't wait to see her this weekend!