Friday, September 14, 2012

Birthday post for Dallas!

Dallas is eleven.  Eleven, people!  That's huge.

He had his birthday party last weekend and we went.  It was great as always, because we love celebrating birthdays.  Here are some pictures!

I made him a hat.  It's the same pattern as Dad's, Levi's, and Cody's. I used the same yarn that I had for Evelyn's first little knitted sweater.  

Mom/Gil got him a sketchpad and some colored pencils, and topped off the gift with a bird's nest.  
These are actually small, blown-out chicken eggs.

She sprayed the nest with varnish or something to keep it from shedding everywhere, in case you're curious about nest preservation.  
 Evelyn visited this horse a while.

And this deer.  And this calf.
 I made Dallas pose with me because we take this picture every now and then.  In a year or so, we won't have to bother because he'll be taller than I am.   Maybe I'll stand him up against Dad or Levi.

This is Paco, or Pancho, or whoever.  Bottom line, whenever he'd get tired of Evelyn chasing him he'd chill out with his new best friend, Cody.  

Camo cake!  With raspberry filling!  I didn't eat much because I was busy writing down what gifts Dallas got (for the 5th or 6th year running), but Cody said Evelyn pretty much inhaled what was left of my piece.  The bites I did have were delicious.

Speaking of gifts, Dallas liked his hat!  Excellent.

And he liked his present from my mom and dad!  The nest was an unexpected hit with all of the other kids.

(There were other kids and adults, but they're not pictured because they were running around firing Nerf guns at one another while screaming.  It makes for blurry pictures.)

Dallas and Karen gave Evelyn some new (old) books!  3 of them are now her favorites.

 This picture is just to let you know that Levi was also at the party.

Here is Dallas in his new gilly suit.  I asked him to try it on so I could take a picture and he was so excited to have it that he offered to put it on right then.  But his mom made us wait until he was finished opening presents.  He wore it for nearly 90 seconds before he got too hot and took it off.  It's probably one of the best things I've ever seen.

Evelyn had a far-too-short nap this day, so she wasn't at her best and brightest at the party.  But she was well-behaved and I promise you that she really loves Dallas (especially when I can't get to my camera).

No, really.  Evelyn loves Dallas and hopes he has a happy birthday.  And so do I.

We love you, Dallas!  Happy 11th birthday!

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