Monday, August 13, 2012

We all knew this would happen someday

Cody's been reading weird things to Evelyn since she was a newborn--recipes, selected readings of the Roman empire, and his favorite GK Chesterton quotes.

But yesterday morning was especially fun.

We let her sleep late and eat donuts and then we all lazed around in pajamas for far too long.

It was perfection.

She crawled over to a stack of magazines and comics and found a comic that she thought I should read to her.  She held it up and whined pretty insistently until I reminded her that that's a 'dad book'.  (I did later flip through a Martha Stewart Living with her.)

This isn't the first time Cody's read comics to her, but yesterday was the longest time she'd sat and listened.  He started from the beginning and read with her while I cleared the table and put away laundry and did a bunch of things (at least 15 minutes worth of things!) while they sat, reading and enjoying the adventures of costumed vigilantes and gods.  She's really getting to be a big girl and Cody's getting to share more and more of his interests with her.  Their cooking days don't seem very far off at all.

Evelyn eventually lost patience and skipped over parts--and this doesn't count the parts Cody skipped over due to violence--but she was pretty content to read comics with her dad for a while there.

Here's the first minute or so of it:

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