Thursday, August 23, 2012

Slice of life, etc.

It's Thursday.  My allergies are trying to make my face explode.  I've been a lazy mom the past couple of days.  Evelyn dumped a baggie of Cheerios on the couch, so I moved them all to her high chair and now I'm talking to you while she snacks.  Here's how things are.

Our sad little garden plot didn't produce much.  It was just too hot.  But here's a butternut squash we grew and ate.

 And here's Evelyn eating a red bell pepper.  She's eaten them cooked before, but this was a first.

 I thought this would warrant its own sentimental and overwrought post, but didn't feel like writing it. But it does seem worth mentioning:

Hooks for hanging up a curtain at work when I'd pump.

My door on Monday.
 I nursed Evelyn for the last time on Thursday night.  On Friday she spent the day and night with my mom. Mom gave her cow's milk in a bottle, but never got around to giving her the breast milk I packed for her.  Dicy gave it to her at some point when she spent the night on Saturday, but it didn't seem to make a difference to her.  She tried to nurse once on Sunday, and I told her we wouldn't.  After some distractions, she was content to rock with me in a recliner.  Cody is in charge of the night time routine now, and he gives her a couple of ounces of cow's milk in a bottle while I hide in the bathroom doing my nails or wearing a face mask.  I did my eyebrows for the first time in months a couple of nights ago and it was awesome.

Evelyn only drinks a couple of ounces of the milk, and is ready for bed in under 10 minutes with the new bedtime routine.  It's almost insulting how easy it is for her and Cody.

I didn't like nursing as much once she grew teeth, and she was getting a little bored with it (or so it seemed).  I gave her a baby bottle of water this morning, just because.  We cuddle a bit more when we read books together and since I've been feeling crappy, I've had the TV going a bit more than normal.  We cuddle and watch it before she scrambles away to do something exciting.

We had a very good run with breast feeding.  My main goal for breast feeding was to just get my milk into my baby.  But I think all those people carrying on about bonding might have been on to something after all.

Or I just have a very loving child.  Either way, I'm a lucky woman.

Speaking of my sickliness again, I haven't enjoyed sick days this much since I was in college.  I'm taking decongestants and drinking tea with licorice and last night I HAD NYQUIL!  It's really exciting to feel like my body is mine again for the first time in over 2 years.

It's also really exciting to crack open a book and just turn this kid loose on the jungle gym.

She likes wearing her sandals and sneakers and this old socks of mine.  She's wearing one right now, actually.  This is her a few nights ago.

This is her eating with Jessi and Jarrett.

I didn't take any pictures of Jarrett and Evelyn on this visit back home.  Oh well. Jarrett seems much happier than he did this winter.  I think he's enjoying his new living situation, and feeling more settled in New York.  Also, I think his girlfriend makes him happy. She also came for a visit, and I took absolutely 0 pictures of her.  But she likes spaghetti and didn't do that ingratiating thing where she tries to instantly be best friends with Evelyn and Jarrett thinks she's cool, so I guess that means we gained a new friend!  Yay!

Speaking of friends, I still like this guy:

It's mid-August, which means we've known each other for 9 years now.  We're celebrating our SIXTH wedding anniversary in a few weeks.  Yes, we got married nearly 6 years ago.  It was one of our better moves.

Things are good over here.  Just pretty low-key.  We'll probably go for a walk later, and then I'll let Evelyn splash around in her little pool.

Right now she's decided she's done with Cheerios and it's probably time for some books. So I'm going to hit 'publish' and go play.  Please excuse the typos. 

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I love this last picture. I stole it yesterday for my new desktop background. Thanks!