Monday, August 6, 2012

Of shawls and sisters

I am now a Ravthlete!  I have the badge to prove it:

I finished a project for the Ravellenic Games and 'won' a 'medal' in Shawl Sailing.

 And here's the shawl!

It was Sara's birthday present, which is why I wasn't updating twice a day to talk about my opinions on the yarn and my needles and my anxiety over time constraints.  But I finished it in just the nick of time and even had a little time left over to decorate the apartment in a beautiful and classy style.

Let's be honest: you and I both know this banner is still hanging.  Evelyn loves it.

Ice cream cake and party favor bags!  Sara loved her party.

Just a couple of party girls reading about dinosaurs.

Look at everyone having a great time!  Chad built puzzles and played with Quackers.

This is what Levi does every time he comes over.

Sara got to hold the birthday bear while she and Chad played catch.

Laine and Robert missed out on the fun this time, but I'm glad I was able to remember to take a few pictures.  Between the personal crafting challenges and Lisa Frank decor adorning my walls, I knew this was stuff precious memories are made of.  Well, that and blog posts.

Oh!  I guess I should mention that Sara really liked her shawl and I showed her how to wear it as a scarf.  She's a big scarf person and I wanted to try this pattern, so we were both happy with the project.  Yay!

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Laine said...

Congrats on your medal, and party decorating skills!