Monday, August 20, 2012

Evelyn had adventures and so did we

Evelyn had two back-to-back sleepovers this weekend!  On Friday she went home with my mom.  I got a few pictures of their day:
Her onesie and her shorts are Size 6 months.

She wanted to spend all of her time outside.
She watched some kiddie television and Cars.
What did Cody and I do?  Cody didn't have to hurry home after work, so he got a haircut, came home, and went straight to sleep.  I did whatever I wanted when I came home, and woke Cody up when it was time for us to go out to eat.  We ate dinner in a quiet restaurant and had uninterrupted discussions about politics and the veracity of religious texts that have been transcribed over and over.  We took our time.

We wandered through an art gallery and talked about how Evelyn likes sculptures.

We went to Barnes & Noble just so we could drink coffee slowly and wander through books.  We bought season two of Sherlock, and watched it while giving each other back rubs and leaving our water glasses in the floor.

It was perfect.

On Saturday, Cody went to work and I cleaned up the house as noisily as I wanted. I put away little baby things and clothes, and threw out a lot of college tests and papers.  I put clothes and books into 'donate' piles.  I went to the farmers market in the rain at 8 AM and was able to get first pick of produce.  People asked where my baby was.

I picked up Evelyn around 11.  She had enjoyed a wonderful time.  Dogs! Chickens! Cows! Different food!  Different toys! I took her to the restaurant to see our friends and family.  Once we were both full of pancakes, I took her home for a nap.

Girlfriend slept.

Um, as did I.  Frantically rushing through half the projects you've wanted to take care of ever since you moved into the apartment but couldn't accomplish because your baby wants to be fed and cared for will take it out of you apparently.

I felt a little bad about waking up Evelyn just so we could take her to another grandma's house.  But then I stopped when I said "We're going to Gram's!" and she yelled and pointed to the door.  We had to steal kisses from the top of her head once she was good and settled at Dicy's house.

We partied hard after that.

Or not.  We went to a gender reveal party (it's a boy!) filled with other babies.  I almost got bored from not chasing Evelyn away from glass items and outlets for 2 straight hours.  Almost.

But then Cody and I sat outside a Starbucks (maybe we did party hard) for at least a half-hour to talk and plan.  We love planning and talking and re-checking where we stand on things.  We went to the grocery store, bought gas, and went home for more Sherlock and frozen pizza.

Also, I reorganized my craft corner.  I've seriously needed to do that since we moved into our apartment.  Bonus: cleaned up more ceiling plaster from the old place.

We slept in, missed church, and went to get our baby!

It was lovely to have her back.  We took her Whole Foods, fed her, and put her down for a nap.  She was too cranky to eat dinner, so I took her out and strollered her through the neighborhood for 30 minutes straight.

It was a fun weekend.  She had fun away from us and we had fun with just each other.  We'd missed her, though.

It's nice that we're all back where we belong.

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