Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby's first haircut!

I cut Evelyn's hair Sunday night.  It was time.

I love her shagginess and the weird almost-curls and the pigtails and ponytails and all the glorious mess of bedhead framing her sweet face like a halo every morning.


There were tangles and food issues and Evelyn was constantly pulling out the cute bows and ponytail holders.  We still have a few months of hot weather ahead of us and the wet hair sticking to her sweaty neck and face just made me sad.

So.  We cut her hair.

I say "we", but Cody's main job was to keep Evelyn from crawling off of the bathroom counter.

And to help me with the 'Before' photo:

And here's the 'After' photo:

I forgot how long hair can seem when it's wet, and I didn't realize that she was sitting with her head tilted upward--two things that kept me from realizing that I was giving her a bob instead of my originally intended below-the-shoulders job.

Reviews have been mixed, but Evelyn doesn't seem to mind.  Actually, she doesn't seem to notice that anything's different.  Cody sent me texts yesterday to tell me he thought her haircut was really cute (!) and framed her face well (!) and I guess there was a subtext of "I REALLY AM THE FATHER OF A GIRL!" in there as well.  And I've been showing pictures to co-workers and they can't get over much she looks like a big girl.

 I think that's what I do and don't like about it.  She's taking more steps and standing when she normally wouldn't.  She says "Dad" and maybe even "dog" or "down" or "drink", in addition to something that sounds a lot like "more".  She's a big girl and now she has a big girl haircut!

(Someone please hold me.)


Opus T. Penguin said...

So cute.

Anonymous said...

Dad will always hold you!