Monday, August 27, 2012

Afternoon adventure

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to take Evelyn to the Clinton Presidential Center after her nap.  The weather's been a little bit cooler and we thought the fountains and walking trail through the wetlands park would be fun.

We were right.

Evelyn got to roam free and we enjoyed the breeze.  I took pictures!  So here they are:

Evelyn was pretty thrilled about the fountain.


This is the part right before I changed her diaper on a park bench and Cody got out the stroller.

She's smiling because she's not wearing pants. And because she's about to try to scale the fence and get in the water.

She climbed all of these stairs!

Then she climbed a hill.

Then we drove back to the apartment and I grabbed her church dress off the couch so she wouldn't be nekkid when we ate Chinese food.  There are no pictures of her dangling lo mein noodles into her mouth.  I thought it best for everyone if we skipped that.  Cody left a tip, even though it was Pei Wei.

We are very much in the toddler stage of things.


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