Friday, August 3, 2012

A birthday post for Sara

Sara's birthday is tomorrow!

She doesn't read this, so there's no need for me to write something to ingratiate myself with her.

Also, we're sisters.  So that probably counts for a lot in this friendship.

She did a lot of cool things this year.  Sadly, I can only remember her getting a pool and running a 5K.

She did not fall or hurt her joints!  This is huge!

But I think next year is going to be even better!

I'm excited that she was born, and I think you should be too.  I can't wait to celebrate this weekend!

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Mom2Four said...

Sara hosted a lot of family parties, took me (Mom) on an emergency trip to Oklahoma, worked, ordered Scentsy, took care of (put up with?) Chad and somehow managed NOT to turn another year older!!

It's true. She is still 25. Happy Birthday, Bodie.