Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation: July 3

On July 3, we woke up at a decent hour--not at First Thing in the Morning, as originally intended--ate breakfast, mostly loaded the car, and waited for Evelyn to wake up.  Once she did, we fed her and dressed her, and loaded her up in the car.

 I should mention why we went!  Mamaw's birthday is July 4 because she's amazing like that.  Also, her granddaughter and great-granddaughters come visit every summer and it's a lovely family party and sometimes Cody and I crash it.  I always feel hesitant to do so and I don't know why.  It's like there's a hesitant voice far away, but persistent, in the back of my mind asking "Are you sure it's really okay?  This is a family thing and you're always inviting yourself to these things and you inevitably show up around meal times."

That voice is a jackass.

When I called to see about times for the party, I found out Shirley was planning the whole thing around our arrival because Terri and her girls were already there, and everyone was being very understanding about the whole infant-travel thing.  Terri's girls used to be infants--and they'd travel down from Minnesota.  Very understanding group of people.  Who were very excited to see us.

So with very little nervousness about my three-decades-and-running habit of being in this family, and a little bit more nervousness about driving with a one-year-old in holiday traffic, we headed out to Miami, Oklahoma.

It was seriously one of our best car trips EVER.  Not just since Evelyn was born, but ever.  Cody and I are not the best travelers and we really don't like riding with each other.  But traffic was pretty good, and we only pulled over twice.  As long as we sat down to eat somewhere, we were all a lot calmer and happier.

It goes without saying that we got lost at some point, but we were pretty close to Miami and I managed to meander our way back to where we wanted to be--just from the complete opposite end of town.  No big deal, it's not a big town.  We found our hotel, unloaded our two bags and Evelyn's five (not exaggerating), and snacked and stretched our legs for a few minutes before going over to Carl and Shirley's.

She might have shared a few of her Goldfish with her dad.

Yes, Boris made the trip with us.

Evelyn was less than thrilled when she figured out we planned to put her back in her car seat.

Fine, she was pretty upset.  I can't say that I blame her.  But we swore up and down that it would be a fast trip, and it was!

We found our way to Carl and Shirley's house, which is where the inter-generational party was taking place--complete with Mamaw, her kids, her grandkids, her great-grandkids, 2 dogs, and a cat that I never saw the entire time we were there because it hid.  (Smart cat.)

Evelyn sees Mamaw's picture on our living room wall every single day.  And when we point out all of her grandparents, aunts, and uncles in the family photos, we always point at a picture of Mamaw and me and say "And there's Mamaw!"

So it shouldn't have been a surprise that when I walked into the kitchen and handed my baby over to Mamaw's outstretched arms, Evelyn went straight to her like they were best friends, but it was even sweeter and more wonderful than I could have hoped.

Evelyn thinks it's okay to sit on tables now.  Welp.

We ate sandwiches and talked and laughed and watched Evelyn go after the dogs, and then the teenagers go after Evelyn.  She mostly played with a basket of magazines and pulled up on people's legs.  Cody and I ate and talked and caught people up on the family and chatted about Evelyn because everyone wants to know everything about her (right?  This is how it works, right?) and got caught up on all of them.  Giant mutated tomatoes were brought out for presentation and I'm really sad I didn't think to photograph them.  Rain levels and temperatures were discussed like we could do something about either of them.  Memories were shared. We had a great time and we stayed a bit past Evelyn's bedtime because we were having such a good time.  But eventually Mamaw shut down the party because she'd had a long day and was ready to go home to her bed.  We took that as a cue to maybe put our little girl down for the night as well.

But before we left, she had to give Mamaw another hug....and made her put on a pair of sunglasses she saw.

I think they are best friends now.

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