Monday, July 9, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation: July 2

Hello there!  I took a vacation and it was glorious.  I thought about updating every now and then, but I didn't because I was on vacation.  It's one thing to queue up some pictures to publish twice a day on the Creature tumblr, but to write words and stuff?  No thanks.  I had a girl to snuggle and yarns to knit and adventures to have.  But now that I'm posting again, I thought I'd let you know what we did on our summer vacation.  Original, eh?

Okay!  I've already told you about the first couple of days of our vacation, so let's get to Monday.

We slept in a little, ate a lovely breakfast, Cody went to the dentist, we had sandwiches, and I took a picture of a tam I finished knitting.  Remember when I said I wanted to try this pattern with this yarn?

 Bad idea.  I tried it again with wool, and different needles, and it all came together much better.  Ta da!

Also, if your head is slightly smaller than mine and you want a tam, holler.

I didn't take pictures every time it happened, but we played a lot.  Building towers and knocking them down featured prominently into our week's activities, as did book-reading and placing objects inside other objects.

Here is a picture of Evelyn saying "Ooh!" about something on Monday.

I dressed her entirely in either sundresses or superhero-themed onesies all week.

Then we went to the library so Cody could print off directions for our road trip.  The kid section was fairly barren, so I turned her loose.

There was a wild thing running loose too.

But Evelyn is very brave, so they became friends.

She really can move pretty fast.

We checked out yet another Eric Carle board book and went home.  We watered plants and ate dinner and stayed up too late washing clothes and packing.  Some time before midnight, Cody and I decided we would not be leaving first thing in the morning.  

After all, we were on vacation.

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