Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Things consuming my nerd thoughts right now: PBS

The PBS website is making me all kinds of happy.  This is usually the case--with that one exception when they crushed my heart--but things have been unbelievably great lately.

Documentaries. Pearl Jam! Harper Lee!  Woody Guthrie!

Stuff about art that I don't understand, but I like to watch artists talk about their process and practice their craft.

That darling of the Internet, homebodies, and every Anglophile you've ever met, Downton Abbey.

Antiques Roadshow, which I don't watch.

My current favorite non-fiction series, Michael Wood's Story of England.  I don't know how long the episodes will be online, but I'm going to try to watch each one at least twice because this stuff is riveting!  Historian Michael Wood focuses on this one village and goes through old documents and digs through people's yards (with their help!) and talks to specialists to find out the history of this one village.  It's super painstaking and has lots of scenic shots and everyday folks trying their hand at Old English pronunciations.  Yay!

Also, he wears lots of scarves.  So there's that.  And he uses a magnifying glass!

And we probably shouldn't even get into Sherlock.

BUT.  Here's the best part!

I've really been enjoying Masterpiece Mystery.

A lot.

I'm somewhat prone to obsessive behaviors, so when I say I've been enjoying a lot of Masterpiece Mystery I mean that I've really, really been enjoying Masterpiece Mystery.

To the point where I ask Cody "Can I tell you how much I love Inspector Lewis?" and he sighs "I already know how much you love Inspector Lewis", I disregard his obvious boredom and not only recite dialogue from this week's episode but sometimes I'll even act it out.

It's even more ludicrous--and significantly less funny--than that scene from Be Cool where Dwayne Johnson plays a clueless wannabe actor who tries to re-enact a scene from Bring It On between two cheerleaders as his monologue.  (Sorry about the language.)

So.  Yeah.  That's Cody's life, only with more of me jumping around and excitedly yelling "And then!  And then! Hathaway did this!  And Lewis did this!  And the bad guy was another bad guy who'd been on Sherlock before.  Or maybe MI-5." and then we talk about how England seems to have only 20 actors who are all in the same movies and shows over and over, but at least they're really good.

And! And! Lewis and Hathaway are really smart and funny and so in sync with each other and they care and they solve crimes and make references to music and literature!

Dream team.

Check the schedule!  It's a regular Lewis party until the end of the summer.  Naptime knitting is going to be so much fun this month!

And in September?  3 new episodes of Wallander.  I'm still trying to read through the series before watching the new episodes.

Which will probably get a post all of its own.

I'm sure you--and Cody--can't wait.

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Laine said...

I'm glad you posted this, it reminds me that I need to watch that Harper Lee documentary. Thanks!