Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mommy blogging in 10 minutes or less!

Pics of cute kid:

Whoops, I meant to say "pic's".  One day, I'm going to kill all the blogs for the inane apostrophe error's*.

 I could also talk about how we had a nice morning drinking coffee and talking with people I knew in college, but I didn't take any pictures so it's like it didn't happen.  Which means Evelyn didn't fall out of chair and hit her head on the floor and scream, either.  So I guess it evens out.

(She's fine. I promise.)

Another pic.  I'd include a video I took yesterday, but YouTube is taking nearly an hour to upload--no exaggeration--and I've watched it on the computer only to discover that it's actually kind of boring and the sound is weird.
Sandwich eating is some kind of sport for her.  She yells like a tennis player before and after every bite.

Picture, followed by a joke that I would make about hoarding and/or homeless grocery cart ladies, but I won't make it because it's insensitive and not really funny.

Another pic.

She later tried to sit in the chair.

BOOM!  Nailed it!  Yeah!  Fist-pumping and freeze-frame high five!

(Dusts off hands and walks off to continue living life.**  Checks YouTube.  Video still isn't finished uploading.)

*That was a joke.
**Knit during naptime.


Brad said...

That peanut butter sandwich photo is fantastic.

Laine said...

Does she have nesting dolls? If not, I'm on it! She'll love them!

Jen said...

Brad, she gets really serious about sandwiches. Sometimes we'll pull them apart, but she's getting better about taking bites. Kind of. Not really. It makes for really dramatic pictures, though.

Laine, she doesn't! That's kind of weird. Man, I need to buy her some blocks. I might do that right now.