Friday, July 13, 2012

How I spent my summer vacation: July 6

We slept late on Friday.  After watching Kathy Lee and Hoda, we decided to head down to the Witt Stephens, Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center.  Admission is free, and we always mean to go and never do.

But we finally went and it was lovely!

"Lovely" might be a bit of a stretch for some of these fish.

But this lovely girl was captivated by them.

They had lots of taxidermied animals and fishing lures and a model of a hunting cabin.

And stuffed birds everywhere.  And varmints, but I forgot to photograph them.

She loved it!

Then we ate gyros and went home for a nap.  And after that nap?

More fish and birds!

It's true.  This was a magical Day O' Fish and Birds.  Someone's grandparents were in town and after some visiting and ice cream-eating, we ambled through a pet store because supposedly my parents needed cat food.  I think we were just there because it was nearby and Evelyn has a deep and abiding love for fish and birds and my parents like taking her to the pet store to see those fish and birds.

She's loving this.  Really.

Then we went to Target and then Barnes & Noble, and then we surprised Cody with Firefly on DVD.

Then Cody and I lost truly amazing amounts of our time to watching Firefly on DVD.  We also finished up the week with a trip to the farmers market and the library, making more grape jelly, doing laundry, checking around a little on our community garden plot, buying a new bed for ourselves, and reading and singing and dancing and eating good dinners and playing and hugging and sleeping late.

And that was how I spent my summer vacation.  My lovely, lovely vacation.


Anonymous said...

On those truly hellish evenings when Geneva is in dance class and I have to take Carolina with me because Steve works late, we usually go to the grocery store and pace the pet food aisle so that Carolina can look at the pictures on the packaging. We simply cannot stay in the waiting room at the studio. Bad things happen, we get dirty looks, and in general the other dance parents there feel just as happy about having a two year old hanging out in the studio as I do. WHY DIDN'T WE EVER THINK TO GO TO THE PET STORE????? This blog has truly changed my life.

Jen said...

Yay! I do what I can. Or, really, my parents do. The pet store is great. They also have ferrets and amphibians, assuming that's more her style. Plus, people are just walking their dogs in there. I'm really excited you're about to blow C's two-year-old mind.