Thursday, July 12, 2012

How I spent my summer vacation: July 5

Last Thursday, Cody ran errands while Evelyn and I played around at home.  We thought about going a few places, but it seemed better if she stayed away from cars for a while.

We played a little dress-up.

Brad was inspired to alter this picture just a little bit.

I got a massage later in the afternoon, and didn't think to ask anyone to photograph me drooling in a semi-conscious state.  Darn.

But I did haul my relaxed self out to the Heights and hit up the yarn store while Cody and Evelyn were really sadly hanging out at home.  They hate it when they can't go to the yarn store.

But I did take some pictures of the yarnbombed trees outside the store.  They'd asked for knitted and crocheted items to help them yarnbomb the area on Knit in Public Day a while back and so I dropped off some granny squares a few weeks ago.  And here they are!

They were also wrapped around the stores doorhandles, but I was starting to feel a little silly taking pictures of things.  So I bought some yarn, needles, and a project bag instead.

I don't have any pictures of my purchases, but I'm sure you'll survive without them.

I went home long enough to nurse Evelyn and dash out to the Sit and Stitch Night at the Laman Library.  I had tried to knit a mitten on the car trip, but it was pitiful.  I was anxious to work on something that I would want soon and would want to work on.  So I cast on a sweater in some yarn I bought just for that purpose.  It was lovely to just sit and work on it.

I think that was my favorite thing about our vacation week.  We would just sit.  We weren't on very much of a schedule at all, and if we slipped up, who cared?  We took our time to hang out with one another and to work on our projects and to take care of things in a fairly leisurely fashion.  

And that was Thursday!  It was probably one of the most vacation-y days of all.

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