Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How I spent my summer vacation: July 4

After a fairly restful night, we woke up and ate some continental breakfast and then Cody and Evelyn watched their Kathy Lee and Hoda while I showered.

Evelyn really seemed to like her little toddler bed and I stuck her in there for a while so I could pack and she played around a bit.

She's fine.  Promise.

Then we checked out and went back to Carl and Shirley's for Mamaw's birthday party!

Evelyn is wearing her 4th of July dress from last year.

Mamaw and Evelyn did a lot of visiting and I even got a quick video of them together:

We visited and ate lunch and Evelyn continued chasing after dogs and the girls chased after her and then it was time for cake!

Katie and Emily did something with red and blue Jell-O to make a festive birthday cake!

And here's a video about that.

Mamaw is 87 now!  Awesome.

The next couple of pictures are just for my parents.

 Bobby, who was the preacher at our church when I was little, came to the party and was happy to see us and Evelyn.

 We took all-girl pictures!

I really hope the pictures on Terri's camera are better than mine.

This is Abby.  She and Evelyn were great friends.

 After a while, Katie got out her guitar to play for Mamaw's cousin (?) and everyone got to find out firsthand how much Evelyn enjoys music.  Which is to say A LOT.  Lots of dancing.  Lots of smiling.  And every time Katie would stop playing, Evelyn would bust out lots of clapping.

 Here's a picture of Emily, Maggie, and Carl.  I'm just throwing this picture so you can see these people and this very patient dog.  This was shortly before we left, and after we picked up the baby toys.  We weren't there long, but we spread out everywhere.

After lots of hugs and gathering up our stuff and more hugs, we left.  It was nearly 3 hours past Evelyn's naptime, but she lasted longer than I thought she would--even with her bottle and teddy bear.  She took good naps and traffic was still fairly kind to us.  We stopped to eat, and Evelyn talked and played with her books.

We got home in time to snack a little, bathe our baby, and settle in for the night.

But! Sometime after nursing and bedtime prayers, and just before actual bedtime, we had one more fun thing to enjoy for the day:

It was good to be home.

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