Monday, July 16, 2012

Evelyn June is 16 months old!

16 months!  So big!

This past month had everything. Trips! Teeth! Standing! Vaccinations! Peanut butter sandwiches and a happy ending to a quest for an acceptable brand of cow's milk!  Words!  And increased skill of stacking items in sequential order!  Taxidermied animals in museums!

Evelyn reacted to some of these things with an extra-long nap and tears, but most of these events yielded shouts and laughter.

Girlfriend is loud, but generally inarticulate.  She still communicates mostly with pointing and whines/exclamations, depending on her mood.  She responds to a lot of words, and seems to use "Mama" and "Dada" with some intention now.  Also, her Aunt Jessi is pretty certain she's saying "Jessi."  I'm not sure, but I have noticed a big change in her babbling in the past 2ish weeks.  Some of those sounds are very different.

She was an absolute champion traveler in our way to Oklahoma--and back.  She was also a happy and friendly visitor with her extended family there.

She can stand up from a squat.  She can't stand for fairly long, but she's standing longer with every attempt and she stands very strong and straight.  It's very exciting!

She's enjoying books differently--she seems to notice that different characters have different attributes.  She has preferences on what books which people read to her.  Any time I try to read Good Dog, Carl to her, she takes the book from my hands and crawls away in disgust.  I guess Cody just does it better.  We all have our literary preferences.

At her last pediatrician's appointment she measured 30.25 inches long and weighed 17 pounds and 9 ounces.  Her doctor wound up ticking both of us off--me, because he didn't seem to care that she comprehends dozens of words and has a head circumference in the 75th percentile, and only cares about weaning and telling me (of all the people to work on eradicating the horrible Small People Scourge) that she's too small.  Evelyn was just mad he looked in her ears when she'd only met him a few minutes earlier.  That is pretty forward, if you think about it.

She's pretty fascinated by the concept of ears and using them to hear.  If a loud air conditioner kicks on, she covers her ears and looks at us to see if we heard it also.  It's the same way for cars, thunder, certain songs, etc.  She also likes that animals have different ears than we do.

She has 4 teeth and 2 more are on their way.  We brush her teeth (and sometimes she brushes mine.  So helpful) twice a day, and I think her favorite part is dropping her toothbrush with ours in the drawer and then smiling really big in the mirror.

Her smile is very big.  I'm glad we get to see it a lot.  She likes laughing with people and scrunching up her face so you can be sure that she's having a good time.  She yells and does her happy food dance for watermelon, peanut butter sandwiches, any kind of pasta dish, and a few other meals I'm forgetting.

She has shoe preferences, and I think we're just a few months away from her wanting to carry a purse all the time in the style of her Aunt Bodie.  She likes carrying things inside other things.  She loves pushing her stroller all over the apartment, and picks out things she 'needs' to carry around in it.

Happy sixteen-month birthday, Evelyn!

She came to see me on her fifteen-month birthday!

Cody's Father's Day present from her.

She loves her little cash register so much.



Anonymous said...

The doctors always tell me that both girls are too small. But on the bright side, Geneva's ballet teachers love her, and at eight years old, she still meets the weight limits for many infant car seats!

Also, do you need a date night? Or maybe even a date week??? Because I want to kidnap your baby. :)

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, I think Geneva might actually be smaller than I was at that age! But seriously, do genetics count for nothing?! You guys are super tiny and Evelyn may as well have been descended from Hobbits.

I'm serious, man, we have to get together for a playdate. I am scared and excited to see what Evelyn and Carolina would do together. Adorable mayhem.