Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Saturday day trip adventure

We had a party in Hot Springs.  I remembered to take some pictures.  I'm glad I did.

Our first stop was McClard's.  I ate ribs.  Everyone else who wasn't Evelyn had half-spreads.  Evelyn had baby food and beans and crackers.

She loved it.  I promise.

The birthday girl and her adventure purse posed with Evelyn under the McClard's sign.

My mom bought this because she thought you filled it with air and played with it in a pool or bathtub.  It turns out that you fill with water and let your child beat it repeatedly on a carpeted surface.  (It lives on our balcony now.)

Yes, Evelyn wore necklaces most of the day.  She's very fancy now with her bows and flowery sandals and baby maxi dresses.  This was a party adventure day!

We walked around downtown and visited a toy store.  Their baby toys were pretty boring, but I saw a few dozen things to consider buying when she's just a tiny bit older.  She probably thinks she's ready for a train set already.

We ran into some Star Wars people working for the tourism bureau.  They were very friendly!

Good thing Evelyn is such a friendly girl!

Because I know exactly what would have happened if my parents hadn't protected me from someone like this:

(I, on the other hand, nearly knocked Laine over trying to get my camera out of the diaper bag fast enough.)

Unrelated to anything, but here's a picture of a classic car for Dad and Levi.  I wish I could have shown you the perfect Model A we saw.  It was a prop for someone's wedding pictures and one of the prettiest cars I've ever seen.

We sent Evelyn and Sara and the guys back to the hotel and went to a yarn store!

You wouldn't think this would be very fun for Laine's birthday, but she likes finding skeins with labels bearing French translations.  She kept running around saying "Look Mom! 100% Laine!"  (PS: Laine = wool in several languages.)

And sometimes my love of yarn works out well for her.  This is a cowl she can't wear for another few months, but she said she was happy with it.

Then I made her stop talking and take a decent picture for my Ravelry page.  She was very patient.

Not pictured: our food, Evelyn giving lots of hugs, a bunch of laughing, a bunch of eating, and Evelyn finally passing out for the duration of her ride home, Levi, Robert, and our parents.  We were all there and we all had a lovely time.

Happy birthday party, Laine!


Brad said...

I'm proud of how wary Evelyn is of that Royal Guardsmen. Smart girl. They're bad dudes.

Laine said...

I'm just someone (Brad) recognized that red guy...We're obviously all Star Wars dumb.

Thanks for coming to my birthday party, and for my presents!