Monday, June 25, 2012

Open for business

Here's our very serious baby being very serious about her first cash register.  It's no secret that she absolutely loves them, but I was still a little surprised that she played with hers nonstop when we brought it home.  She'd probably been sitting like this for nearly 20 minutes when I started to record her, and she kept reaching for it when I carried her off to bed (and maybe she cried when I told her it wasn't a bathtime toy).

And, in case you're curious about many times she can open and close the cash register drawer in a minute and a half, the answer is 8.

My favorite part (that I didn't manage to capture) was when she first started playing with the drawer and had just figured out how to open it.  Once it popped out, she grasped the edge of it and tried to lift it up.

You know how most cash register drawers have a tray that holds bills and coins that you can lift to store checks and large bills underneath?

She knows, too.

Just give this genius your money already.

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Laine said...

Whoa! You can see all her teeth in that picture. They're so big and pretty!