Thursday, June 7, 2012

Laine's birthday post

Today is Laine's birthday!  Hooray!

She's had a big year.  At first, all I could remember about her year was that she didn't need knee surgery.  Which is great all by itself, but then I remembered more.

She decided she wanted to throw a party like the "ones bloggers have". So she did.  It was a birthday/Father's Day/garden party and it was fantastic.  There were banners in her back yard and candles in jars and we dressed up.

She also fulfilled a lifelong dream and went to Dollywood!

She hosted the third annual Girl Day in Memphis and took Evelyn to her first independent book store.

She became a nursing student's wife.

She became an aunt again--twice!

She entertained Evelyn and me on a little day trip a few weeks ago.

She's grown her hair out, hosted parties, made trips, tried out dozens of new recipes, and did I mention that she even has a trendy hat that fits her head?  She does. (It was my birthday present last year.)

Not quite as big a deal as going to Dollywood, but she's waited a long time for this as well.  The Minnie Pearl look was intentional, of course.

And this weekend we're going to party in Hot Springs, just like we did for about 10 years' worth of birthdays!  We're going to enjoy BBQ and birthday cake and walking around and birthday.

Happy birthday, Laine!  I hope you have the best year yet!

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Laine said...

Thank you! This has been an excellent birthday week so far, and it's only going to get better!