Friday, June 15, 2012

Evelyn June is 15 months old!

Evelyn is old.  She's a very big girl.  She's growing and learning all the time.

She woke up at 1:30 this morning to nurse, doesn't walk or talk, and falls apart sometimes without a pacifier.

She's also still a baby.

She's enjoying a lot more solids, and she even tries to feed herself with a fork sometimes.

She nods, in a very slow and exaggerated fashion.  And only if you're watching, because she likes when people agree with her.

She likes being read to, and will sit still for amazing periods of time if you'll just read every book she hands you.  Or the same book 5 or 6 times in a row.  She's enrolled in the library's summer reading program and they said that counts.  The librarians are her friends.

She likes to push her stroller around.  She likes pulling things out of bags, boxes, and purses and putting them back.  This doesn't explain why she put a teething toy in her dad's water bottle a few weekends ago, but we were impressed with her ingenuity.

She'll say "mama" and "dada" every now and then, but not with a lot of intention.  She communicates, well, though!  Lots of pointing.  Pointing to bed means she's sleepy. Pointing to the rocking chair means she wants to nurse.  Pointing to the high chair means she's hungry.  She makes a terrible whine sound (even if she's not that upset) if she wants something, and she yells "Ooh!" as a way to make sure you see something she likes.  She hands us our shoes when she wants to go outside.

She has 3 teeth!  They're gappy, like mine (were).

Teething makes her clingy.  She came to see me at work today and burst into tears before some people even tried to shake her hand.  Sometimes she's super friendly and more than ready to dispense waves and smiles to the world.  Other days, she's just tired.

She takes pretty long naps, and usually sleeps 11ish hours at night.  I usually nurse her for about 30 minutes in the dark and carry her to bed because she is more than ready to go to sleep without rocking or extra lullabies.  She loves her bed and her same sleep objects and blankets.  As long as she has a pacifier, she's fine.  Boris the bear is turning into quite the security item.

Boris and Evelyn, nearly a year ago.

She still loves patting buildings and plants--she's very good at patting plants gently, and she's stopped pulling them up.

She made two day trips, rode in her first classic car, went on some lunch dates, and was an adventurous girl.

She likes to wear necklaces and sunglasses and hats.

She's fashionable and funny and an avid reader.  We like her an awful lot.

Her very first Mickey Mouse pancake at the restaurant!  She ate nearly all of it.

Dressing can be a challenge sometimes.

Happy 15 months, big girl! We've enjoyed them.

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Laine said...

I cannot figure out for the life of me, when she got so big...