Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby's first classic car

Important news: Levi, little brother extraordinaire, bought a 1966 Barracuda.

Why?  Because.  Because he's Levi.  Because he's a car guy.  Because this car is awesome.

My browser is being weird and won't let me cut and paste these pictures in a more appealing order, so whatever.  Here are the pictures in the order I took them.

That's really why I'm posting anyway: so you can see that my brother is the proud owner of a classic muscle car and that Evelyn rode in a car so loud that she needed ear protection (that goes in the baby book, right?).

It was spectacular.

Levi is super proud of his new baby and is really enjoying all the research and planned changes and bragging rights that come with this car.

Everyone else thinks it's pretty cool, too.  Mom and Dad have already taken rides to church and Sonic (repeatedly) and on just-for-fun drives and he's only had the car for a week and a half!  Evelyn and I were more than ready for our turn when we went to visit on Saturday.

Oh yes.

On the road:

The previous owner free-handed this.

Of all of Levi's fixations and hobbies, this is definitely my new favorite.  It was an insane amount of fun.  Cody was jealous, and I really enjoyed myself on top of seeing Levi so happy.

And Evelyn?

It looks like all of her uncle and her granddad's plans to convince her of the amazingness of vintage automobiles are redundant.  The girl is a fan.  I can't say that I blame her.


Laine said...

I like it! This is the most pictures I've seen so far, it looks good!

Also - I love Evelyn's little cargo pants.

Maruti ertiga said...

Nice pictures of family and family car.