Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anniversary post for Sara and Chad

Sara and Chad have been married 3 whole years!

What a nice thing to celebrate.

This year, they bought a house.  They then hosted Thanksgiving, a party for the December birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and Mother's Day parties for the rest of the family.  And they have a pool!  So there are lots more parties to look forward to.

It's really fun to see the different things your siblings do with their lives.  Sara and Chad just throw open their doors and let the fun start happening.

I can't wait to see how we'll celebrate in the years to come.

And I hope there are more color coordinated outfits.

Happy anniversary, guys!

1 comment:

Mom2Four said...

They are a great couple, aren't they?

It is amazing what all they have accomplished in three years and I love how hospitable they are. Sara throws a mean party!!!!!