Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things I like about Evelyn right now

  • She's noticing her hair.  Yesterday morning, I told her I was leaving her in her high chair to get a clip to pull back her hair before we started on breakfast.  When I turned around, she was picking up pieces of her hair--the way I do when I'm about to clip it back.  Last night she kept handing me pony tail holders until I put her hair in pigtails.  And this morning, she found a bow in the floor and was pulling back her hair and trying to pin it back herself.  Genius.
  • Her love of puddles and rainwater on the balcony and splashing whenever we water our plants.
  • She's sleeping at the moment.
  • Her soft little pats on my chest when I hold her.
  • Her fascination with large drains.  We walked by a drain a couple of Saturdays ago and stopped to watch water falling down it.  She liked it a lot, and now she notices drains everywhere.  She loves the one in the kitchen sink, and she's noticed them in floors for a while, but now she looks for them outside.  Whenever we walk by the one we watched nearly 2 weeks (I think?) ago, we have to stop and check it. 
  • Her memory.  Obviously.
  • Her love of books.  Some of them she doesn't even eat.
  • She is a champion waver.  
  • The way she tries to climb everything.  It makes me nervous, and I always think that this is going to lead to disaster, but I can't help but be impressed by how strong and skilled she is.
  • The way she whispers to herself when she's playing.  Cody and I desperately hope and pray that she won't pick up our flaws and problems, but at least she looks cute talking to herself.
  • Her happy food dance.  She's been doing this for months, but I still love it.  If she's really enjoying her meal--and she usually is--she'll put some food in her mouth, wiggle around a bit, and then look at you like you should either join in the celebration or give her more food.
  • The way she looks when she's sleeping.  Because duh.
  • Her love of trees.  I'm sure it will be important someday.
  • How happy she is in the mornings.
  • That she hugs her bears.
  • Her willingness to wear sunglasses and hats.  She looks so cute in sunglasses and hats.
  • She's mine.

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