Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Of Evelyn and food and other stuff that's important

I tried to make Evelyn mashed sweet potatoes this morning.  She likes them, so sometimes I peel one, chop it up, and throw the boiled and mushy pieces into a little food processor I bought just for her when it became painfully clear that babyled weaning in the 'introduce little bits of food you eat and let her try it in little chunks' sense of the term was not going to work for us. At all.  She still won't touch sweet potato chunks.

But she loves mashed sweet potatoes.  So I pulled one out of the stash this morning (I bought 3 at the farmers market this weekend and now we only have one left after today) and got a little pot going while I finished cleaning up the kitchen. 

I was happy.

I had slept through the night.  I was showered and dressed.  I'd had 3 cups of coffee.  (I don't know when that extra cup became normal, but it is and I may never go back!)  The toys were picked up, the highchair was wiped down, and I'd already put out a sippy cup and some baby food for Mom today.  And I made a bottle.  I like to put together Evelyn's food.  I have more time in the mornings now, and I like to feed my baby even when I'm not feeding her myself.  It's easier for her caretaker to have her meals right there, and I like to know I'm taking care of Evelyn even when I'm not with her.

It felt so awesome--and it wasn't completely due to the caffeine.   Locally grown sweet potatoes.  Something that wasn't from Gerber.  Something healthy that I could make for her my own dang self!  I can't say that about much of her food since she's not old enough to eat ham sandwiches just yet and that's more my area of expertise.  And last night?  I gave her a little bowl of leftover spaghetti and a fork.  She couldn't eat food off of the fork, but she liked trying for the second evening in a row!  And when she did eat the spaghetti, she just picked out a noodle and ate it.  No dumping.  No spilling.

This was about 2 weeks ago.  Learning in leaps and bounds over here!

I was living the dream.

That's not a joke. I always think I sound sarcastic when I say "I'm living the dream."  But things are awesome!  Sure, I wish we had more time to make food for Evelyn or just had more time with her, period.  But we're both home a lot more often than most people in a two-job household.  Evelyn's in her home all the time, which is what I want for her.  And she's being raised by people who love her, which is what I want for her most of all.  Plus, you won't catch me complaining about having a job that pays for our rent, our car, and our Target runs while providing health insurance for Evelyn and me.  Not in this current economic climate, and probably not ever.  I have Evelyn all to myself 3 days a week, and I have my mornings to prepare her days and that makes me feel really mom-like.

But then the sweet potato slices were nowhere near soft enough when it was time for me to leave.  So I had to leave them simmering on the stove for Mom to pick up my slack.  Whatever.  I have a mom who can pick up my slack!  I have help taking care of my kid!  Who was thrilled to see Gil when she woke up this morning!  And extra thrilled to see Dallas!  Yesterday she watched by her Granddad (oh man) and on Sunday, she spent an afternoon with her Gram and uncles!  Tomorrow I'll feed her mashed sweet potatoes and I'll take her to the library and we might even go see her dad at work.   Whatever day it is, wherever she goes, and whoever is spending the day with her, I know she'll be met with smiles and love and adventure. 

Living the dream, dear reader.  Living. the. dream.


Anonymous said...

"oh man", what's up with that? Come on ....

Jen said...

Just "oh man"! Like "oh boy!". Or, in Evelyn's case, "Ooh!" It's exciting stuff.

arkansaseden said...

This made me feel warm and fuzzy, except for that one thing...


Alarming on so many levels.

Jen said...

I tried to stick to a two-cup maximum when I was pregnant, and then nursing, so I could still have a daily Mtn. Dew. Now I just stop at three because that's usually when the pot runs out.