Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Notes on the Tiny Triangle Dress

I sewed a dress for my baby!

I'm not the biggest fan of the pillowcase dress look, but I'm an even smaller fan of curved armholes and gathered stitches.  I saw this pattern on the purl bee (probably in my Top 5 Very Favorite Websites Ever) and decided to try it out this past weekend.  The designer included some altered dimensions for older kids, but they seemed a bit large to me.  I went ahead and made some slight changes of my own (oh hush) and ta da!

Please note how garishly loud and bright this fabric is. I had it already, and it seemed loud and bright enough for loud and bright Evelyn.

Please note my careful hand-stitching.  Grandmother's sewing machine acted up the last time I used it, so I didn't even feel like hauling it out and wrestling through some problems.  Besides, slowly and quietly working through this pattern was a lot of fun--and allowed for a lot more television on DVD.

 And yes, the pattern name is Tiny Triangle Dress.  Please note exactly how tiny it is. (And how giant those green bean vines are getting!)

Yeah.  Quite tiny.

Please note how her diaper is showing and how the fabric stretches across her belly.

Please note how not disappointed she is.

There are far worse things than attempting to make a baby sundress that instead resembles a sheath for a 1960s gogo dancer, so I'm going to keep dressing her in this because I love this fabric and she's adorable in anything.

BUT: I'm definitely going to make another dress in a larger size very, very soon.  A big girl needs big clothes that let her be free to climb and creep.

And because I already have some fabric that I want to use for the job.  Don't you think she'll look unbearably cute in polka dots?!

Please note that I have the next 2 days off.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE PURL BEE! I think I bookmarked this dress a long time ago and never made it...story of my crafting life. It's super cute! And I am so impressed with your hand stitches.

Jen said...

Dude, they could post a tutorial on making homemade baby wipes with a special Liberty of London stack and I'd bookmark it. I try maybe a fifth (generous estimate) of the projects I bookmark from them. So many pretty projects! And thank you!