Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day(to me)!

I hope you have a happy day.  I hope you're being celebrated, or celebrating a great mom you know, or maybe both.  I'm going to party with Cody and Evelyn, then my side of the family, and then with Cody's side.

I really love being a mom.  I love it.  There's plenty about it that irks me, but the very best part of motherhood is Evelyn. 

The second best part is that everything I want to make for her is small and easier to finish.

She's usually the one that makes me feel like I'm doing this right.  We smile at each other and read books together and dance everywhere we go (thank you, Michael's, for playing The Archies a few nights ago).  It's awesome.

On Thursday, I was loading the dishwasher and she wanted to go play outside on the balcony.  So I let her out, and finished what I was doing.  I couldn't hear anything, so I assumed she might be pulling up more marigolds or dropping a disposable camera she'd found off the edge.

I peeked out to check on her and found this.

PS: she can climb into chairs now. 

She was just sitting and looking around, holding the little camera for quite a while.

So I pulled up a chair and sat with her.  We just looked at things and each other and pretended to take pictures of ourselves and each other.  I talked about cars.  She pointed at birds.

I pretty much live for Thursdays.  I know how dumb it is to complain about her earlier bed time and how she sleeps through the night now (!!!), but if she doesn't wake up before I go to work I only see her for 3 hours on the four days I work.  It's sad, kids.  Really sad.  And it makes her a little clingy, especially this past week.

But she was feeling better on Thursday, and I was enjoying being at home and recovering from whatever she'd given me.  After her nap, this adorable thing happened:

And when I went to work on Friday, I got my Very Best Absolutely Most Wonderful Mother's Day present.  My request for a three-day work schedule had been approved.  I haven't been so excited to make less money since, well, the last time I scaled back my hours.  I'm getting two full weekdays with this face!

It's only going to last a few months before we get busy and I have to go back to work full-time.  But I'm going fully enjoy these next few months.  They're going to be great months and we're going to have a great time. 

And it starts next week.

Happy, happy, soveryhappy Mother's Day indeed.

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