Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby's second Memphis Day Trip

Laine sent me a Groupon for a yarn store in Memphis back in March.  "You and Evelyn could come see me and buy yarn!" she said.  "Surrrre." I thought.

Evelyn in March was not nearly the traveler that Evelyn in May turned out to be.  I'm glad I waited until the very last minute and went before the Groupon expired.  Evelyn's bigger, the weather is pretty nice, and it was just a nice day off for us.

We had a pretty easy drive to Memphis.  We ate lots and lots of breads, visited the yarn store, met some of Laine's co-workers, played with Robert and Laine, and played outside.  If the pictures are to be believed, though, all we did was visit Aunt Leah at the bakery.

Good thing we dressed up Evelyn in her Muddy's onesie!  She'd spit up (really, I think she just ate until she threw up a little) on her "I ♥ My Aunt" onesie, so this was a nice change.  We ate cupcakes and cookies and took pictures!

Leah said that's not even all the butter they use every day.

Tubs of icing that weigh more that Evelyn.

So cute.

After eating nearly an entire un-iced cupcake, she chomped her little gums on a lemon cookie.

This was a creepy gnome that she smiled at a lot.  And petted.  And smiled at some more.  Creepy girl.

Oooh!  Look!

Laine and Evelyn reading about dinosaurs.

I haven't taken a picture of Robert in forever, so here's Evelyn with her aunt and uncle.

And, of course, the yarn.  I'm sad that I didn't take pictures of the store itself--or of Laine rocking a beaming Evelyn in a child-sized rocking chair--but I was busy roaming around and touching things (I really like to send mixed messages to Evelyn about how to behave in stores).  I photographed the yarn when I got home, though.  Beauties.

Also not pictured: Evelyn trying to eat Laine's coasters, Evelyn crawling in the yard, Laine's co-workers (who have been hearing about this child's existence for nearly 2 years) enjoying Evelyn, us rescuing Evelyn from ants, Evelyn crying the entire time I drove through one-lane construction in the middle of nowhere, and the overflowing diaper bag I packed for every possible scenario while leaving shorts at home.

It was the longest trip I've ever taken with Evelyn, just the 2 of us.  And it went really, really well!  It's not something I'd do every week, but we had an absolute blast.  Evelyn napped fairly well in the car, I stayed relatively relaxed, and Evelyn was thrilled to see her aunts and uncle.  We didn't do as much as we would normally squeeze in on a day trip, but we took lots of breaks for Evelyn to stretch her legs and to decompress, and that wound up leaving me with enough energy to drive home and the patience to still be pleasant.

It was a good day.  It was a fun trip.  It was a blast.

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