Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Play time!

There's a playground at our apartment complex that we've never taken Evelyn to because she can't walk yet.  But on Saturday, we just couldn't wait.  
Cody plopped her onto the playground structure thingy and she was a exploring and playing fiend!  

I took a few pictures of the adventure.

Then: the slide! 

I was sliding her down the shorter slide with my hands around her while Cody 'caught' her 
and she'd laugh maniacally at that.  
Then we took turns sliding down the bigger slide with her in our laps.  
It was a party!

She also wanted to climb the slide.

And the little climbing thing.

Oh, and here's a picture of her sliding down the slide in my lap.

Sorry you can't see our happy faces, but we were just going too fast for the camera to catch us.

That's just how adventuring goes sometimes and Evelyn's a very adventurous girl.

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