Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My first attempt at a knitted animal

It was a valiant attempt.

I saw this pattern on purl bee and immediately wanted to try it.  Even though I had to buy new needles, I knew I wanted to do this because this was the cutest springtime thing I'd ever seen.

I bought Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn in Oatmeal and Brown.  Brown ears!  So natural, so cute.

I couldn't wait to get started.

I realized pretty quickly that this thing would be slightly larger than I'd anticipated.  And shortly after that realization, I realized that this monster would nearly be Evelyn's size.

Sadly, however, I also realized that I'd picked up skeins of yarn from 2 different dye lots. 

You know that little admonition they print on yarn labels about buying enough of the right dye lot for a project? Yeah, you should pay attention to those.

 I thought I'd checked.  I hadn't. 

I hoped it wouldn't make a difference. 

Check your dye lot!
 It did.

I did like the pattern, though.  The only modification I made was knitting two rows between every increase or decrease row (instead of one row in some places) to make the ears a little longer.

Gaze upon my long, flowing ears.

At least it was a pretty quick and easy project and I liked making it.  Stitching a little face on it wasn't hard, and I decided it was a male.  Cody named it "Pat" because it would seem that Cody is in charge of naming everything in this house, and he thought "Pat, the bunny" was hilarious.

I overcame my fear of knitting an animal toy and found it wasn't that tedious!  I learned to knit into the front and back of a stitch!  I came up with a mod of my very own!  Knitting success!

Just one problem: Evelyn does not especially enjoy this bunny. 

Of course.

I think he makes her vaguely uncomfortable.  We've tried to get her to play with him, but he's just not what she's interested in right now.  He is, however, a fairly comfortable pillow for the rest of us. 

I'm not much of a process knitter, but I am glad I tried something new and enjoyed doing it this time because this would have been a big fat knitting fail otherwise.

However...the Easter eggs* I decided to crochet at the very last minute to use up scrap yarn and be adorable?

Overwhelming success!

Of course. 

Eggs seem to be where it's at right now.
  * Sorry that you can't view the pattern unless you have a Lion Brand account.  I just wanted to link to it in case you had one and wanted to make some of your own.  They were fun and easy and I had stuffing left over from making the bunny (who required a bag and a half).

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