Friday, April 13, 2012

More Easter! Nothing is more Easter than this.

On Saturday, I went to the farmers market with Evelyn while we waited for our clothes to dry in the apartment's laundry room.  I hadn't realized that the Easter Bunny would be visiting a trolley for pictures.  I only had my cell phone on me, and Evelyn was in sweats, but she kept yelling at the trolley in excitement.  I decided to see if her good mood would hold out.

I got this:
and this:
and this!
Well, of course, she would enjoy meeting someone in an animal suit even though that's the kind of thing that makes me sweat all over.

I have to be honest: I got greedy.  We pulled our clothes out of the dryers, I dressed her in a cute little dress, and then I put her hair in pigtails.  I got the camera and we went for a second try!

My favorite.

I make a lot of sacrifices as a mom (I'm not writing about my dislike and fear of people in animal suits because words just don't do it justice but please know that getting next to this bunny stressed me out), but I guess it's worth it because my odd child loves meeting new people and creatures.  I saved this post for the last of my Easter-tastic posts because nothing could possibly be more Easter-y than a picture of a baby sitting in a bunny's lap.  (Shudder.)

If this post seems familiar, it's because I wrote about adhering to dumb societal conventions on a trolley before.  Casey thinks we're encouraging her to be friends with all the strangers and scary animals she meets in confined spaces.  My dad thinks there was a mix-up at the hospital.  I'm just glad we got some cute pictures out of it, and Evelyn has a love of all things trolley because she gives me lots of excuses to do fun things like this.

Even if Cody was horrified when he saw this picture on my phone.

Actually, that might have been part of the fun.

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