Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Easter! Easter Saturday.

I've decided that we're going to spend the entire week being all Easter-y.  You're welcome.  I guess this should have happened last week, but whatever.  Now I can spend this week telling you all about our Easter celebrations!  Exciting!

In my family, we celebrate Easter on Saturday and Sunday.  We just do.

We spent Easter Saturday evening with Sara. 

She made an Easter cake!

And fixed Easter baskets for us!

But this was the best part: Baby's First Easter Egg Hunt.

Evelyn is very good at putting eggs in baskets.

Even if she doesn't especially like crawling through grass.

She put at least 2/3rds of the eggs in the basket before she started pulling them back out!

Did you notice how her pink Polo dress from Aunt Bodie matches her pink monkey basket from Aunt Bodie?  I don't think that's a coincidence.

Sara Bodie also took lots of pictures, but then they had to play.

And pose!

Okay, Evelyn wasn't much for picture-taking Saturday.  No big deal, we had another full day of Easter celebrating to work on that.

Besides, she was much too enthralled with the many wonders of plastic eggs to notice any of us.

Next year, we're totally going to practice our egg-hunting a week or two in advance so Aunt Bodie can really hide those eggs!  Maybe.  I think Evelyn's up to it.  Or she at least has the enthusiasm.  Easter is Sara's favorite holiday and I think Evelyn can see why now.

Or she at least enjoys the decor.  

(I can't wait to tell her about the candy.)

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Laine said...

She looks adorable in that dress!

She is going to freak out when you tell her about the candy next year. Just look how much she already loves those eggs! Candy too!? I don't know if she can even HANDLE all that excitement!