Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Evelyn June is 13 months old!

I thought Evelyn had just turned one a few days ago, but no. She's 13 months old because she won't stop growing and learning to do new things.  This month was a big deal.  No, really.  I mean it!

After attending nearly 20 birthday parties, she had one of her own!  She was a friendly host and a happy birthday girl.

I took her to the St. Patrick's Day parade in our area and she enjoyed yelling at the stray dog running through the crowd and people-watching.

Easter came and went.  She met the Easter Bunny twice and was a champion at putting eggs in baskets.  She wore a pretty old dress and some brand new shoes.

She had a 12 month check-up and was found to be totally deficient.  Sort of.  She's 29 inches long and weighs 17 pounds.  17 pounds isn't a lot, but she's descended from some pretty small people.  Nonetheless, I got a nice little talk about feeding her more and there was something about switching out all the breastmilk we have in the freezer with whole cow's milk or something.  Bottom line: whatever.  I think she's fine.  People who interact with her on a regular basis think she's fine.  Basically, everyone but one person thinks Evelyn is a great size and she's bright and engaged and developmentally ahead by a few months on most things.  Except for walking.

Nope, no walking.  Not a big deal.  She'll get there.

She has teeth.  2 of them, in fact!  Her first tooth wasn't the bump we've been watching for months.  Her first tooth was actually the one right next to the bump.  She's tricky like that.  But now she has 2 little teeth on the bottom and they're very pretty and make her look very grown up.  We see them every time she gives a big smile.  So we see them a lot.  She's pretty cheerful for a teething baby with a runny nose.

She's a little snotty sometimes.  Happy spring!  Maybe it wouldn't happen so often if she didn't spend so much time outside, but I don't think that's going to stop anytime soon.  She loves going outside.  She likes to pat buildings and trees and statues.  She likes to climb things. She likes to wave at cars from our balcony.  She loves the sunshine on her face and the wind in her hair. 

She even spent her 13 month birthday at her Granddad and Gil's house to celebrate her Granddad's birthday!  She played with animals and went exploring in the yard and enjoyed wearing a smocked dress to church.  It was her first overnight trip to my parents' house!  She's spent a few (3?) nights away from us at her Gram's house before, but only out of (our) exhaustion or necessity.  And her Gram is only 15 minutes away, in case 'she' 'needed' me.  Gil and Granddad live much farther away (fine, not that much farther) and I didn't see her for a full 24 hours.  Evelyn and I are so brave!  To celebrate, Gil and Granddad bought her a bathing suit, her very first pair of Converse high tops, and some new sun hats.

Her head measures 18.5 inches in circumference, which puts her in the 60th percentile.  I guess growth charts are good for tracking some things.  Her large brain is learning new things every day.  She loves placing small things into larger things.  Stacking is fun.  Reading books is fun.  Dancing to music is practically mandatory.  There's a lot of "mama" and "dada" and maybe "bye bye" and "hi" going on.  Then there's incoherent babble.  "Oooh!" is still her chief means of communication.  She recognizes lots of words, but especially words like: more, bites, food, drink, play, go, outside, [name of a loved one], book, car, trolley, dog, and restaurant. 

Food.  I don't even know where to start.  She enjoys baby food and sometimes eats 2 containers for a meal, with cereal or bites of our food as well.  Some meals are just little bites of big people food.  She's still nursing and taking bottles, but not as much.  That's decreasing week by week.  I'm not getting wistful about how we're nearly done, and I'm actually enjoying pumping just once a day at work, but I am happy for the time we've had.  We made it past the twelve-month mark now we're just coasting.  Any more time we spend nursing is just a bonus.  I don't think I'll miss it (much) when we're done.  We probably have a few more months, and I'm not hanging on and I'm not hurrying to finish up either.

I guess that's the theme for things right now.  Evelyn is a lot of fun and life with her is pretty great.  We're not hanging on to babyish things (much) and we're in no hurry to hit milestones.  Evelyn seems to be doing things just quickly enough on her own and it's all pretty great.

One year old.

Enjoying St. Patrick's Day.

Eating her birthday cake!

Playing with birthday chalk.

Celebrating Dad's birthday.

He shared a few fries with her, and she really liked our tomatoes.

First playground experience.
Gearing up for Easter with bunny ears and books about bunnies.

5 minutes before finding out she was too small.  Ahem.

By the way, she's really good at climbing steps now.

Being really brave around dangerous beasts.

Coordinating for Easter.

Being the cutest Easter girl ever.

Standing! Okay, fine.  Leaning!

Playing outside.

Enjoying her stylish sun protection this weekend.

Enjoying noodles on her birthday.

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