Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthday post for Spencer

Spencer is 21!  That's pretty grown.

It's nearly bedtime and I've had a pretty full day, so I'm struggling to remember what he did this year.

I know he helped us move twice and he held Evelyn once.  Here is a picture of one of those things happening:

He's also turned into a cleanshaven guy, done impressive band things, and he and Evelyn are finally friends. It took a while.  She's spent the past several months just staring at him while he tried to pretend there was nothing unusual about a baby staring him down from across the room (she has pretty good vision).  Then he tried to interact with her for a month or so and she continued to stare him down.  I think she started to make him feel paranoid.

Then he came to her birthday party and she smiled and waved at him like they had always been the best of friends.  They now wave and smile at each other every 5 minutes whenever they're together, and she helped Cody pick out Spencer's birthday card a few days ago.  Apparently, "helping" means that she dove toward a card with a kitten on it and Cody bought it.  She yelled "ooh!" at it repeatedly yesterday, so I'm sure she's really glad he has something with a picture of an animal on it.  She likes that sort of thing and now I think she owes him a hug.  I think he'll actually accept it now.

Spencer's lovely and I would say that even if he wasn't Cody's go-to guy for moving furniture in and out of our place.  But since he is, I think he's super-lovely and I hope he's had a great day.

Happy birthday, Spencer!

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