Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A birthday post for Dicy

Yesterday was Dicy's birthday!  She celebrated by playing with Evelyn while Cody and Casey did yard work for her, and then paid for everyone's dinner as she waved us off when we offered to pay and threw cash back at her sister.

I would try to write out what she's done the past year, but I've discovered there's a lot about this year that I just don't remember--especially when it comes to this time of year.  What I do remember is that the day after her birthday a tree fell on our house and we moved in with her for a week and a half.  (Maybe it was longer.  Maybe it wasn't.  Again, the memory.)  And I remember that Evelyn seemed to enjoy herself.  As a newborn, she didn't seem to get very enthused over much except for milk, a box of diapers, florescent lights, shiny things, and being held by certain people.  Dicy would get pretty enthused over.....well, holding Evelyn so she'd fall asleep on her.  It was a nice arrangement for both of them.

When Evelyn got a little older, she and Dicy would just smile and fake cough at each other. Then they'd just laugh and laugh.  These days, they snuggle and talk and clap their  hands and whisper things.  Dicy's a great Gram, and it's so much fun to watch Evelyn flail around and jump to see her.

Oh, another thing I remember about last year? Dicy was adamant that she didn't know anything about girl clothes or girl things and didn't want to help pick out an Easter dress for fear of 'messing it up' somehow.

She lasted until June, and she's been buying girly onesies, sleepers, and even dresses ever since.

Such a good year.

Happy birthday, Dicy!  I'll finish your birthday present someday very soon and I hope you enjoyed your big day!

They press buttons together.  It's pretty much a toddler's dream come true.

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