Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday post for Dad

Dad had a birthday this weekend!

Dad and me at last year's birthday party.
His actual birthday was Saturday, and I didn't write a post!  I did, however, graciously loan him my daughter so he could have a sleepover birthday party and tie the sash on her dress for church the next morning.  He had a blast!  Evelyn had a great time, too, but saying Evelyn has a good time playing with her grandparents (and aunts and uncles for good measure) is a bit obvious.

Still, it was pretty clear from the pictures Mom was texting me of Dad pulling Evelyn around the pasture in her little red wagon, surrounded by animals, that everyone was having a really great time.  It seems a little strange to send Evelyn home with my parents when they already spend so much time with her, but they must like her a lot.  It's a nice fact about them.

Dad and Evelyn left our apartment Saturday to eat at Chili's, browse Home Depot until she fell asleep, play outside with the dogs and chickens (which happened 5 or 6 times because she likes to go outside), 'took care of' cows, slept mostly through the night, and then was a good girl at church (or so I am told).  Then she came back to me and we stuck pretty close for the rest of the day.  She did enjoy eating Mexican food right across the table from her Granddad, and he gave her chips.

This post would be so much more adorable with pictures, but I was eating/shopping/dealing with a monkey baby who wouldn't let go.

Not pictured: Evelyn loving on family.  Evelyn loving escalators at the mall.  Evelyn wearing her Granddad's cowboy hat.  Granddad drinking coffee back at my apartment and running back to her room every 10 minutes to check on her while she slept.

It was all lovely stuff.

BUT: the party will continue!  Granddad is keeping Evelyn all 3 days this week!  They're probably going to eat at restaurants like crazy!  They might even watch Tombstone on DVD because Laine gave him that for his birthday!  Or maybe he'll save it for naptime. 

Whatever they do, I know they'll have tons of fun.

Because they always do.

Happy birthday, Dad!  We think you're great!

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