Friday, April 20, 2012

Animal Adventures, Part 5

When Evelyn spent the night at the farm for my dad's Super Fun Birthday Party Sleepover, she had some pretty great animal adventures.

At one point, Granddad popped her in her (his) little red wagon and hauled her out into the pasture.  Mom described what happened as "a cross between a reunion and a parade" and then sent me a bunch of pictures.

My narration is based on what Mom said when she was showing me pictures on her phone.  She had to text them to Levi so he could email them to me and now I'm showing them to you.

Here we go!

Granddad took Evelyn out into the pasture:

Tuff saw them and decided to check out this creature:

Then a cow noticed the baby-horse meeting:

And she decided to join in on the fun:

See all the fun?

Then Mo decided that Evelyn needed his protection.  Shortly after this picture was taken, Evelyn felt the cow breathing down the back of her neck and turned around to look at it and probably yell "Oooh!"  This startled the cow and she ran away.

And, of course, here is Evelyn pointing and yelling "Ooh!" in excitement for her next leg of the animal adventures:

That's right!  She, with her trusty guard dogmonster, traveled to gaze upon the chickens:

There was an Araucana in there and everything!

And here are just some pictures of her being adventurous from the comforts of her very cozy wagon because that's cute:

Please join us next time, when Evelyn will probably take her first steps to walk up to some animal and scare it.

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