Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stylish ladies

I thought it would be funny to do an outfit post because I think they're hilarious.  So rather than tell you about the wedding I went to on Saturday, or the people getting married, I'm going to tell you what I wore instead because that's apparently important.

Headband: borrowed from Brook when she realized I was about to take outfit post photos without a hair accessory.
Necklace: old necklace from some store you've probably never heard of* paired with a leaf pendant from Argenta Bead Company.
Dress: Rue 21.  I altered it by cutting a foot-long slit along a seam when I realized I couldn't walk without tripping myself.
Belt: Vintage**
Boots: Vintage***

We laughed hysterically when we took these because I have never assumed this "I'm 14 and don't know where I am and I have weak hips and that's why I stand all awkward and pigeon-toed" even as an awkward 14 year old.

Then Cody joined in the fun for a couple of pictures!

(I'm starting to laugh here.)

As did Jessi!

Her necklace is vintage. No, really.  Possibly antique. It's from her grandma.

We may have to make an album together just because we have such a good (cliched) cover photo:

But we also took the pictures because we're such stylish ladies.


**Stolen from Dad
***Stolen from Mom


Alana said...

Love, love, love these pictures!!! Yes, please make an album together!

Mom2Four said...

You ladies look lovely!! Jen, your "vintage" belt and boots aren't stolen--those were "cleaning out the closet gits"! :)

Laine said...

I liked how you said all your vintage elements were stolen, ha. I do love those boots, and that belt. Good theiving.

Christi said...

Photo #4: Check out those guns!

Jen said...

Alana, we'll get right on it. We harmonize really well!

Thanks, Mom, and thanks for cleaning out your closets!

Laine: if they weren't gifts, they would have been. I. love. those. boots.

Christi: thank you! I am ripped. It's true.