Monday, March 12, 2012

Shopping and smocking: our weekend

I just thought I'd let you know that we enjoyed our weekend.  Here's a run down.

Take some pictures of this girl:

The only reason she's smiling is because a group of strangers walked by.

 Shop at the children's consignment sale. It turns out I liked smocked dresses.  Who knew?  I know feel like the proper mother of a baby girl.  Hooray!

Order some party decorations.  I could make them, but I actually can't because of a certain child wanting my attention and my scissors.  So I won't.  Hello, ebay, you old friend! But will they arrive on time?

Go shopping with Cody
.  I'm actually not looking forward to this, but the man needs a suit jacket and neither of us trust him to do it alone. We found a casual jacket that didn't make him look too bulky AND we were able to use a gift card!  Score. 

Buying either yarn or shoes for myself.  It just needs to happen.  That's not true, but I want it to happen. I bought shoes.  And a dress for a certain upcoming wedding.  Now I can be done with clothing shopping for a while.  Or so I hope.

Feel broke if we actually find all the things we're looking for and buy them.   Oddly enough, I only felt broke after leaving the children's consignment sale.  But we're set for smocked dresses for at least a year!  And I bought nearly 20 items!  We're not talking about it.  No.

IroningI didn't do it and I don't feel bad about that.

Family trip to the library.  We didn't do it, but we will some time soon.  We did take a family picture on Saturday, though!

We don't take enough pictures of the 3 of us.  I like that it looks like Evelyn was holding the camera.
 Maybe planting seeds during naptime.  Ridiculous longshot project for this year? Parsnips.  They're not going to plant themselves and I have to do it while the weather's still chilly.  Soon. Very soon.

Wearing jeans.  Enjoying my eleven-month-old for the last weekend before she turns 1. Drinking coffee.  Spring time.  Stuff.  Yes.

Also: here is Evelyn wearing one of those smocked dresses (!!!) and playing with birthday presents.  The eggs and duck are from my supervisor and the clock is from Uncle Charlie and Faith!  They came by in the afternoon to give Evelyn the Fisher Price clock.  I wound it up and then we nearly fell asleep where we sat.  Man.  That little music box song is quite the powerful sedative.


Also: I finished knitting a French press cozy!  Don't laugh.  It kept the coffee warm for over an hour!  Also: we were fancy and drank the last of our French press coffee on Sunday morning when we (finally) woke up.

Other noteworthy weekend things:
  • washing, drying, and folding laundry before Evelyn woke up on Saturday
  • dusting off Cody's old cell phone and making it mine after Evelyn killed my current one.  Just annihilated it
  • walking through the neighborhood on Saturday evening and feeling like we 'beat' the rain on Sunday
  • sleeping for what felt like forever because of the time change and rainy darkness and missing church.  If we keep this up, Evelyn's going to think church is a waiting room where people sing
  • taking dozens of pictures of Evelyn eating a pancake
  • finding Evelyn's first ever birthday card in the mail!  It was from Mamaw Myrtle!  Naturally
  • a Sunday night date with Cody where we watched television on DVD and ate ice cream and brownies

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