Friday, March 2, 2012

Reasons I'm excited about March

  • March = spring time!  
  • The tulips are coming!
  • Daylight Saving Time begins next Sunday! Wait, no.  I'm not excited about that.
  • Two children's consignment sales are happening this month: Rhea Lana's and Duck Duck Goose.  I'm going to one or both of these.  I've never tried this before, but Evelyn enjoys large crowds of strangers and I'd like to find some toys and clothes in the next age range for cheap. 
  • The Little Rock Marathon is happening this Sunday!  I'm glad we don't have anywhere to be, because we'll be trapped at home.  I think I'll take Evelyn to see the runners and cheer for them. The girl does love clapping.
  • Robert is having a birthday!
  • Brook is having a birthday!
  • Faith is having a birthday! And a wedding!  On the same day!  To Jeff!
  • Cody is having a birthday!
  • Wouldn't you know, Casey is also having a birthday on the same day as Cody!
  • AND: Evelyn is having her very first birthday ever!  We're just having a small family party, but I'm planning on decorating.  And maybe doing favors.  And thinking about outfits and backup outfits.  And I may have already bought too many presents.  I'm just a little excited about this.
  • It's time to get some seeds planted!
  • St. Patrick's Day is March 17th!  That was Evelyn's very first holiday last year, and I'm looking forward to dressing her up again.  Probably not in the same onesie.
  • Definitely not the same onesie.

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arkansaseden said...

I am very excited about Daylight Savings Time because I can ride my bike later in the evening when Steve comes home!

I love going to the Rhea Lana sales on the last day because everything is marked down even more. I may not try and do that this year, though, because C kind of needs a bunch of warm weather clothes.

Yay for Evelyn's birthday! I can't believe it's been a year.