Thursday, March 1, 2012

Of bats and bridal showers

Sometimes your party is even more special than you'd planned.  That's why, when we tell stories about our fun cowboys in space couples shower, we'll have to mention "that time Jessi talked to the news crew about those bats."


A news van drove through Thomas's house and when they saw us peeking at them, they asked if anyone could offer up an opinion on the eradication of some bats at a school a few blocks away.  Alana took pictures of what happened next:

Look, Faith! We gave you a reporter for your party!

Dedicated co-hostess giving sound bites to a news crew. The groom is totally impressed.

Video here!

Yes, sometimes a co-hostess is called upon to let the media know that she doesn't think children should be in school with bats.

And your shower is all the more exciting and entertaining because of it:

Everyone enjoyed the show.

Even after the shower was over, the fun continued.  Once someone found the video, Brad (who once did this to a video of Evelyn) created this lovely work of art to commemorate the day's fun:

Batologist.  I think it has a nice ring to it.  If I ever remember to print off pictures from the shower and give them to Jeff and Faith, this one is definitely being included.  Such special memories.

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