Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm looking forward to this weekend

We don't have much planned for this weekend.  That means I've already filled up my imaginary schedule with lots of things we can do, but aren't under any real obligation to do.  Lovely.

Take some pictures of this girl:

with these:

Fingers crossed because the last time I tried to take adorable pictures of her with flowers, I got this:

It's adorable, but I'd prefer she only do that to family members' plants.

Shop at the children's consignment sale. 

Order some party decorations.  I could make them, but I actually can't because of a certain child wanting my attention and my scissors.  So I won't.  Hello, ebay, you old friend!

Go shopping with Cody.  I'm actually not looking forward to this, but the man needs a suit jacket and neither of us trust him to do it alone.

Buying either yarn or shoes for myself.  It just needs to happen.  That's not true, but I want it to happen.

Feel broke if we actually find all the things we're looking for and buy them. (I dislike spending money, but it's hard to get things any other way when Target won't barter with you.)

Ironing.  Not looking forward to that, but it needs to be done.

Family trip to the library.  Always a favorite.

Maybe planting seeds during naptime.  Ridiculous longshot project for this year? Parsnips.  They're not going to plant themselves and I have to do it while the weather's still chilly.

Wearing jeans.  Enjoying my eleven-month-old for the last weekend before she turns 1. Drinking coffee.  Spring time.  Stuff.

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