Monday, March 19, 2012

Evelyn's first birthday

Cody told me that when Evelyn woke up, he sang "Happy Birthday" to her with great style and flair as he lifted her out of the crib and changed her diaper.  "Basically, I sang it like I was Frank Sinatra, only there wasn't a big musical number at the end" he told me.

He fed her breakfast and they played and read books.

When I came home, we gave her her present:

10 or so books, 2 outfits, and a little metal box that I thought she'd like.

She scrounged through it a little....

 ...and then tried to close the lid back herself because she's very tidy.

Cody went to work and I ate lunch with her.  Flowers were delivered to the apartment and I sent a thank-you text to her Aunt Laine, Aunt Sara, and Uncle Levi.  She took a late nap and woke up happy.  I took her to the restaurant to see her great-grandma and her dad.  We ate big dinners and then I took her home for a bath with her new favorite duck (an early birthday present from Dallas).  I nursed her and put her in her crib.

We forgot to give her a birthday card and I didn't sing to her and I didn't write a sappy post on her birthday.  But we played and sang and snuggled.  If anyone sent me a text or wrote a comment, I told her about it and said "Yay!" as we clapped together.  Her Aunt Jessi came by for a visit and they hugged.  I took her for a walk outside and we dropped off some books at the library.  We played the 'game' where she puts her pacifier in my mouth and then we laugh and she pulls it out and puts it in her own mouth, over and over and over.  We read books and watched the cars go by our apartment. She ate some of my green beans.

It was a perfect day.  It was a wonderful way to wrap up one year with her.

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