Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Evelyn's first birthday party!

Evelyn woke up from her nap.
She was so excited to see Laine and Robert were already there!
You just have to believe me.
She played with Aunt Bodie!

Her Dad and Granddad probably talked about how cool she is.

Her Gil brought her flowers!

We took a family picture or two.

I tried to make her pigtails look like antennae.
She wasn't shy or concerned when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her!

She liked her birthday candle!

This is a picture of her hat falling off and extinguishing the flame on the candle without catching fire itself.
Also: Mommy's first heart attack.

She was okay with her star-shaped cake from Dad.

She made a pretty good dent in it!

The paternal side of her family!
Fact: when Spencer waves at her now, she'll wave back.  This is huge.

Brook and Dad practice their party faces while Robert and Levi talk about how cool Evelyn is.

Look at all these blurry people who love Evelyn!
They can't even hold still because they're so excited that's she's 1 year old!
Spencer and Regan really enjoyed her book collection.

 I helped her open presents.
I'm not including every picture because some of them are extremely blurry,
and because I'd feel a little gross.
Everyone was very generous.

Butt ruffles from Brook!

She really did like reading every card.


Spencer and Regan gave her a baby doll with a magnetic pacifier.

She was very, very intrigued by this.

Dresses from her Gram.

Musical instruments from Laine and Robert!
She was pleased.

A piggy bank from Casey.
(She loves pigs.)

Stacking cups from Bodie!

And a ball!

And a dump truck and a basket that looks like a monkey!

And a Bible from Levi--with a magnetic clasp!
She seems like a girl who'd enjoy magnets.

Gratuitous shot of the birthday girl among her spoils.
So. Much. Tissue. Paper.

She was delighted!

Reading her card (of course) from Gil and Granddad.

They were so excited about her birthday, they gave her 2 cards!
She loves her birthday bear from Jarrett and Jessi!

Not pictured: a cow (yes), a turtle-shaped sandbox to be used as a pool, a card that contains flower seeds that we'll plant for her, a puzzle, and some Easter presents.


Here are a few more party shots:

And that's when she left me to either play with her toys or go hug a grandparent.

Her first birthday party was so much fun!  
Everyone was awesome.
She'd taken a good nap and was happy.
The cupcakes were delicious.
We didn't burn down the apartment.

It was a perfect day!


Mom2Four said...

Perfect party for a perfect girl!! What a year and she was such a gracious little birthday lady.

Time is flying by and it is hard to believe that we really just had her first birthday already.

You and Laine did a lovely job on all of the decor, the food was great, and Miss Evelyn will have so much fun playing with all of her new things.

Laine said...

It really was such a good party! I'm glad she enjoyed all her guests so much too, it really could not have gone any better. I'm ignoring that almost-fire part. Details...overall-the day was just lovely.