Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Evelyn's first birthday party: the decorations

Evelyn's birthday party theme was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, so I put out bright, multicolored streamers and Eric Carle books for decorations.  She was about as impressed as you'd expect a one-year-old to be.

Cody made chocolate cupcakes and strawberry cake cupcakes.  
Evelyn's birthday flowers featured into the decorations as well.

The spread.

Get it?  It's the very hungry caterpillar all around her high chair!

 And here's the very hungry caterpillar!  You just have to trust me.

All the guests wore stickers.  It was fun.

These aren't caterpillar coffee cups.  They're just bright and cheerful-looking.

 Evelyn's cake and her festive-looking cup!

Banner of birthday cards!

 Her chair, all ready for the party!

Tomorrow: the party!

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