Thursday, March 15, 2012

Evelyn June is 1 year old!

One year.

One year.

One year.

One year and a day because we're in a leap year!

What an embarrassment of riches.

Evelyn is healthy, bright, and (usually) happy.  She grows in the cliched leaps and bounds.  In this past month she went to her first Flower and Garden Show, drank from a cup competently, and started feeding herself with a spoon.  She had her first major cold and Cody took her to the doctor just so he could be told she would be fine and that she weighed around 17 pounds, but I think she weighs more than that now.  She's growing!  She points!  She shakes her head!

She's a tiny little life-support system for a glorious mane of hair.  I thought I would have cut it by now, but I haven't.  She can wear pigtails.  She usually looks really shaggy and I'm starting to wonder if that's how she likes it.

She loves music.  She doesn't just stop fussing when she hears it--she dances.

She still loves people.  She waves at everyone.  She smiles and sometimes jabbers back when 'strangers' talk to her.  Pretty much everyone is her friend.

Her new favorite thing is to place items in containers.  Toys in the toy box.  Figurines in a cup.  Almost-putting puzzle pieces in the puzzle.

Sometimes she walks on her hands and feet.  She doesn't like to be held by the hands and 'walked', but the way she swings her legs around when she crawls makes me think that she will be walking here fairly soon.  Not super-soon, but soon enough.

She's still toothless and neither of us care.

She's sleeping through the night and everyone should care very deeply and be incredibly happy about that.  Rejoice with us!  Her moods have definitely improved since this became a regular thing.  It hasn't hurt mine or Cody's either.

She still nurses, but doesn't seem interested in bottles.  Maybe it's because she knows she can drink from a sippy cup or maybe she likes water more.  Whatever the reason, I think we're going to have to put them away pretty soon.  After all, bottles are for babies and this toddler is a big girl now.

One year.

One year.

One year.

Happy birthday, Evelyn June.  You really are the best and we love to celebrate with you!


Anonymous said...

Aha! we really did take you and Evelyn out for her real one-year old birthday!!! Gotta love a leap year.

Christi said...

Yay! Happy birthday, Evelyn! I love her long shaggy hair!

arkansaseden said...

I WANT TO STEAL YOUR CUTE BABY. Really--you should call me to arrange this. :)

Mom2Four said...

I am amazed that it has been a year already!!! She is acting like she is large and in charge, more every day now.

Totally beautiful and so much fun. No suprise there.

Happy birthday to you all!!!

Jen said...

Dad: I know! Cody and I went ahead and high-fived each other a day 'early' for making it through the past year.
Christi: Thanks, and so do I! She's like a silly cartoon character.
Eden: Noooo! She's mine! I want to get her together with Caroline for a playdate soon. I have a feeling that Caroline is doing all the mischievous walking/big girl things that Evelyn wishes she could do. Actually, I'm not sure they should get together. I bet it would be crazy.
Mom: Thanks! I really am just celebrating for me. It's fun that way.