Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Casey is 28!

It generally goes without saying, but if Cody is having a birthday then Casey is too!

He also calls Evelyn "Girl."
I don't know how he'd categorize this past year, but I'm calling it a success because he didn't have a car accident.  Awesome!

It's been fun to watch Casey with Evelyn this past year (everything comes down to Evelyn, doesn't it?). He makes all the same faces and says all the same things that Cody does, and she loves it even though she's always been able to tell the difference.  Casey's been quite the champion uncle and he's great babysitter and he's an all-around good guy.

Happy birthday, Casey!  We hope your day was great.

Edit: I was told that yesterday was great for Casey because Cody gave him a gift card to Barnes & Noble.  And what did Casey give Cody?  A Barnes & Noble gift card.  They're both happy.  And no one is surprised.

Birthday guys last year.  Evelyn will be much more excited for them this year.  Promise.

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