Monday, February 13, 2012

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day

I greatly enjoy Valentine's Day.  I've given away or mailed out maybe half of my Valentines this year.  I guess everyone else will just be really surprised when they get them in the weeks to come.

Evelyn has a Valentine from my parents, and one from Laine and Robert. She really likes them both and waves them around in the air.

I have my Valentines for her, and for Cody, on the table and ready for the big day. 

Mom and Dallas brought us candy last week and I ate nearly all of it. There's also a rose on the table from Mom, for me.

A co-worker's mother gave her the most enormous box of chocolate any of us have ever seen and she's sharing it with the office.

I was going to make something small and cute and crafty for Evelyn, but projects and time get away from me these days.

Still, it's Baby's First Valentine's Day and I'm excited.  She'll be asleep when I leave in the morning, which should give Cody and me a few minutes alone together before I go to work.  And then I'll have her all to myself on Valentine's Evening (assuming that's a real thing) unless we want to go to the restaurant to visit her dad and Gram.

What I like about Valentine's Day is that it's not necessarily romantic.  I mean, if you're in a romantic relationship, you may want to be romantic about spending the holiday with your romantic person.  Or not.  Suit yourself.  I know you don't need a special day to tell your special person "You mean a lot to me", but it's nice to have the day anyway.  It's a nice time to tell the people you love "You mean a lot to me." 

So I hope you celebrate the day with somebody who means a lot to you.  I hope you tell people you love them, and I hope they love you. You deserve that, and I'd like to say: you mean a lot to me.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for commenting.  You're great and I hope you have a very happy Valentine's Day!

And I hope there's chocolate.

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