Friday, February 3, 2012

Reasons I'm excited for February

I love February!  I really do.  Weather aside, it has a lot of great stuff going for it.

Like this stuff:
  • February is No-Spend Adventure Month!  I'm excited for it, actually.  I'll write about this year's experience when we're finished with the first week.  You can read more about our no-spend attempts here.
  • Valentine's Day!  I love so many things about Valentine's Day that I'm going to list them separately.
  • Valentines!  Make them, buy them, order them. Whatever.  Just distribute them to people you like and love.  Involve glitter if at all possible.
  • Chocolate in heart-shaped boxes.  Give some to someone you love.  Buy some for yourself. It just tastes better if it comes in a heart-shaped box. Even if the creepy pink-filled ones.
  • Those weird message heart candies.
  • Love.  Who doesn't love love?  I love love.
  • The Arkansas Flower and Garden Show.  I've been looking forward to this for two months already.  It's so great, and so fun to see.  It's really one of the highlights of my month.
  • We're in the planning and preparing stage of winter.  You can reorganize the junk you didn't reorganize in January as part of your resolution.  You can look through seed catalogs and maybe even draw out maps for flowerbeds and gardens. This month is ripe with possibility!
  • I'm co-throwing a shower with a space cowboy theme.  There will be pictures.  You're welcome in advance.
  • Mark my words, there will be a snow day.  You can't have a winter as mild as the one we've had and not expect a serious backlash.  There will be ice and snow and coldness and misery.  I hope we're all celebrating that at home.
  • This will be the month I finish Evelyn's Modular Tomtem Jacket. You are my witness.

Really, lots of good things are going to happen this month.

She's thrilled.

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